Wednesday 4 January 2017

Stressy Nessie 53

Happy New Year! Back to the beginning! Thus ends a full year of Stressy Nessie, and perhaps ends the Stressy Nessie project for good. Nothing lasts forever, but never say never. Gentle reader, I am writing this message to you from the distant past. It's April the 25th, 2016! These Nessie strips were really started as a way to get through January, but I had only finished and uploaded 26 of them by the end of Jan 2016. I'm afraid it was nearly the end of April by the time I had completed a year's worth of them. But at least I did. I might make them into a wee book. I might not. I don't know yet, but YOU might know, because you're reading this in the future. I hope you enjoyed them, and I wish you lots of luck for this newest of years. I love you (the noo). Your pal, Craig xxx

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