Wednesday 1 October 2014

"Surface Tension" starring Pearl & Dean

Is it really Autumn (or Fall, American chums) already? Yes it is, dear reader. Department Stores are readying their Christmas displays to torture us all with. This month, I present to you a previously unpublished story called "Surface Tension" It started out as a competition entry for TokyoPop, progenitors of the early 21st Century Manga bubble. It didn't win, and they never published me. King City aside, most of the artists published by those fellows find their work in a kind of limbo, so perhaps I dodged a bullet. I think John Aggs won. Whatever happened to him, eh? This story was also produced at break-neck speed- under a week! Perhaps it shows, but I kind of like it, and I may revisit these characters again. Just a bit of admin- I shall be attending the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair this Saturday. Drop by if you're in the area. And next month, I'll be at the mighty Thought Bubble. See you next time, kid. Love ya xxx

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