Friday 1 August 2014

Ghost Cat Zero - Hello Petra X!

Gentle reader, please enjoy another (very) short story from Ghost Cat's Garden. Although it will take you mere seconds to read, it was really quite labour-intensive for me! In fact, I've only just finished it this very minute! This serves as a prologue to the Ghost Cat stories and will be collected in the future. If you're wondering about the eating worms thing, I was inspired by a story my old mucker Lorna Miller did, based on this song. I always liked the idea of a wee girl eating worms, and it seemed appropriate in this instance. I will be selling my comic books and original art at the Comica Comiket on the 16th of August at the British Library in London. If you're in the Big Smoke, please come along and say hello. There will be lots of talented comic creators there and it's FREE to get in! I'd love to see you there, but if not, I'll see you next month! x

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